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1995 Scorpion Fiero
WAS FOR SALE But owner passed away and car was sold at auction without my knowledge!

Welcome To My Fiero Page
This page is dedicated to the beautiful Scorpion Fiero. Which sadly, I have to sell. It is a 1988 Pontiac V6 Formula Fiero with a 1995 Scorpion factory-assembled rebody.

Listing Site Updates

5/22/02- Page Started
5/24/02- Fiero listed on sites
7/15- Car put on ebay to sell
7/27- Car didnt sell by me, but the owner since passed away and the car is now gone

Welcome To My Home Page
Welcome to my Scorpion Fiero Homepage. This beautiful car in almost perfect condition is for sale. It is located in Conyers, Georgia. Please email any inquiries,questions, or offers to jca325@yahoo.com.

Captions for pictures
Here is the Fiero 6 cylinder engine. The engine is located right behind the cab of the car.

If you live around GA
If you live around Georgia, I will be happy to let you test drive this masterpiece. Email me at jca325@yahoo.com with questions or inquiries. I live in Conyers, about 30 min. SE of Atlanta.

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